St Peter’s Crowned NSMQ 2018 Champions

St Peters students jubilate after being crowned NSMQ 2018 champions

St Peter’s Senior High School are now three-time champions of the National Science and Maths Quiz in a very tense Thursday afternoon Grand Finale.

The Nkwatia-based two fought off Cape Coast giants Adisadel College and debutants at the Final, West Africa Senior High School in Adenta-Accra.

The contest had all the ingredients of a final with the Round One setting no trend as all the schools displayed a rich base of knowledge and determination to clinch the most desired trophy.

Adisadel College, however, pulled ahead of the other schools with 22 points at the end the round while St Peter’s trailed closely with 21 points. West Africa Senior High who didn’t have so much of a rosy round followed with 17 points.

The Round Two which is known as the Speed Race tested the contestants’ abilities in not only who got it right but who got it right quickest.

All the schools proved to be master of the game but a spirited Adisdael College held on to their marginal lead and finished with 25 points while their two competitors chased with 22 points each.

Regularly, the Round Three, otherwise known as the Problem of the Day is the game changer but as this was the Grand Finale, the game wrote its own history by putting the game changer on hold.

A very seemingly simple question as ‘How do you solve a word problem’ sent the 6 contestants busy, thinking.

After Quiz Mistress Elsie Effah Kaufmann awarded the marks, it was clear the winner was still not clear-cut. Adisadel and St Peters scored 4 points each and WASS scored 3 out of a possible 10.

The True or False will continue to cut the heart of Adisco’s wonder kid, Gabriel  Ampadu Sasu who everyone including Dr Kaufmann praised for his fervour.

After answering three straight questions wrongly, the four-time consecutive finalists’ dream of lifting a second trophy became food for the dogs.

Both WASS and St Peter’s descended on their questions like vultures chase carcass with the former getting a perfect score in the round and St Peter’s getting all but one correct.

At the end of the penultimate round, Adisadel who had led the contest throughout now became the tail going into the final round with 36 points while WASS led with 41 points.

St Peter’s were closely hitting on the doors of WASS as only two points difference separated them.

WASS were set to put the icing on the cake as they are known to be the dons in the riddles; and after picking the first riddle to extend the margin of their lead, they were set to make history.

But the ‘Adenta-Presecans’ will have to wait another year to write that history as the Kwahu-Ridge boys picked the next two riddles for 3 points each to pull 1 point ahead of them.

With just one question to go for a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 3 points, Adisadel College were already out of the contest.

After 3 clues were read St Peter’s rang the bell but answered wrongly by then WASS had already rang their bell and by the looks on the face of Sahane who raised his hand to answer, the WASS team had the same answer that was rejected.

This forced them to produce a different answer but it was wrong.

The jubilation from the St Peter’s students in the gallery spelt out the joy of how they wanted it. After 12 years of waiting all their chants were like the Christians will say; the Seraphim of Heaven.